Alim Assignment Answer 2022 11th, 12th Week Class 12 HSC Madrasa

Alim Assignment Answer 2022 11th, 12th Week Class 12 Madrasa

Alim Assignment Answer

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, Alim Assignment 2022 11th, 12nd Week Answer For Class 12 HSC Madrasah. Assalamu Alaikum We, hope everyone is well by the grace of Allah. The topic of today’s post is to give the correct answer along with the 2022 Alim Exam Assignment question. Where we will answer the assignment of the prescribed subject of Alim Examination 2022 conducted by Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board. Let’s go to the main post without further ado.

At a glance

Alim Assignment 2022

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 overcrowding, students could not be directly involved in the classroom activities of the educational institution right now. Meanwhile, the 2021 Alim Examination has been rearranged by the NCTB. In order to fully integrate the students in the learning process and bring them under continuous assessment, based on the rearranged syllabus, Alim Exam 2022 for the participants in the first phase (formulated) in two weeks (1st and 2nd week) in 13 subjects (Quran Majeed, Hadith, Usul and Usul). Balagat and Mantik, Al-Fiqh (1st Paper), Al-Fiqh [2nd Paper – Nurul Anwar, Tajbid [1st Paper, Tajbid [2nd Paper – Mujahideen)), History of Islam, Biology (1st and 2nd Paper, Chemistry (1st and 2nd Paper), Softcopy of Assignment Grid with Higher Mathematics (1st and 2nd Paper), Physics (1st and 2nd Paper) Assignment Assessment Rubrix has been sent to this department by National Curriculum and Textbook Baird.

Madrasah Alim Assignment 2022

Epidemic corona virus is spreading all over the world including Bangladesh. As a result, the madrassas have been closed for a long time, which is hampering the Alim Examination 2022. Because the madrasa is closed and the classes are also closed, the syllabus prepared for the Alim examination could not be covered. But the exact time of the test has already passed. Therefore, to make up for this ongoing loss, assignments have been given to the participants of the 2022 Alim Examination. In order to complete the short syllabus, Alim exam 2022 can be taken very soon.

HSC Class 12 Alim Assignment 2022

Alim level is known by 3 different names such as class 12, HSC. But whatever the name, it doesn’t matter. The fact is that no matter where you study, you have to give your best. Only then can you do better. Madrasa Education Board has given assignment for Class 12 or HSC examination 2021. Students have to submit their assigned work to their own madrasa within the last 2 weeks. And will have to take the next week’s Alim assignment at the end of the submission.

Alim Assignment Answer 2022

The question of Alim assignment is not exactly as difficult as the assignment of another level. Because the number of difficult subjects here is very small. There is no assignment of difficult subjects like English, Mathematics at Alim level. However, although some subjects are different, biology, chemistry, physics and higher mathematics subjects are the same, i.e. at General HSC level. So it can be said that other than those 4 subjects, other subjects are relatively easy. Madrasa 2022 Alim will get answers to all subjects and weekly assignments, here we are.

২০২১ সালের আলিম পরীক্ষার্থীদের জন্য প্রণীত সকল সপ্তাহের অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট প্রশ্ন এবং উত্তর নিচেরAnswer’ অংশে ক্লিক করে

Alim 2022 11th, 12nd Week Assignment Answer

I think the students who will take part in the 2022 Alim exam already know that they have been given 1st, 2nd and 3rd week assignments. Yes, you are right, on February 02, 2022, the Alim Examination Assignment 2022 was published on the website of the Madrasa Board of Education. Where 1st and 2nd week assignments work on a total of 11 subjects. These subjects have 2 parts, such as Biology 1st paper and Biology 2nd paper. We have given assignment answers to all these topics, which will only be seen and written down.

📣 সকল শ্রেণীর ও সপ্তাহের অ্যাসাইনমেন্টের উত্তর, দ্রুত পেতে আমাদের গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন [📎 এখানে ক্লিক করে 🎯]

Alim Quran Majeed Assignment 2022

Alim has given assignments for the 1st and 2nd week of Quran Majeed from two chapters of that subject. Where the question of the 1st week’s Alim Assignment is asked from the first chapter of the Quran Majeed ‘Surah An-Nisa’. And the assignment of the 2nd week has been given from the second chapter of that subject ‘Surah Maida’.


Alim Hadith and Usulul Hadith Assignment 2022 for 11th Week

Hadith and Usulul Hadith Alim exams are a very regular subject, but it is what all students have. To clarify further, the subject of the said hadith and usulul hadith is not necessary. However, the subject has given assignments in the 1st and 2nd week.

Alim Arabic literature Assignment 2022

Arabic literature, that level of knowledge level is for everyone, that is, this Arabic literature is a necessary subject. This is a must subject as much as general level Bengali, English. The 2nd week Alim 2022 exam assignment work on the said Arabic literature, the question of which is given below.

Alim Balagat and Mantik Assignment 2022

The 2021 Alim Assignment includes Balagat and Mantik for the 3rd week. Unlike other subjects, the subject was not given for the 11th and 12th week. This raises the question in the minds of the students as to why the assignment was given to the 3rd week of Balagat and Manik subject without giving it in the 11t or 12th week.

Alim Al-Fiqh Assignment 2022

Al-Fiqh 11th and 12th papers are on the subject, in which it is possible to get good results in the Alim examination if you can get good results because these subjects are different and easier than other subjects. So to get good results, you have to do well in simple things, that means you have to get flower number. Alim 2022 12th week assignment is Al Fiqh subject.

Alim Taj Bid Assignment 2022

Many scholars have no idea about the subject of Tajvid. Because unlike other issues, the Tajwid issue is not evaluated. Not the right class at the right time, but now students have to do the 12th week assignment of Alim for the last Tajwid subject on the day of neglect.

Alim History of Islam Assignment 2022

The history of our Islam is full of fulfillment. Alim also gave an assignment for the students on the history of Islam, which is based on the history of many glories and victories. Where they have to do the assignment in the 11th week on the subject of the history of Islam.

Alim Biology Assignment 2022

There is biology subject at Alim level, for science students. In this regard, Alim from Science Group of 2022 has given assignments for the 12th week to the candidates who took part in the examination. Where Biology has given assignment work from the first part and the second part.

Alim Chemistry Assignment 2022

The juice-filled chemistry subject is given for the 1st, 3rd week Alim Examination 2022 assignment. The questions are given, but the students do not have to work with just the questions. I want to get answers to their chemistry assignment questions as well. But we don’t get answers, but we answer assignments on all subjects.

Alim Higher Mathematics Assignment 2022

If there is a difficult subject for the Alim students, it is higher mathematics. Which is extremely difficult in higher mathematics. Even if Alim assignment is given in that subject, the students have to answer it themselves. Higher Mathematics is for 2nd and 3rd week Alim students.

Alim Physics Assignment 2022

There is nothing new to say about physics. Alim examinees from the science group work hard day and night to do well in that subject. However, it is often seen that their results in the field of physics are bad. But this time to get rid of it, Alim 2021 1st and 2nd week physics subject assignment has to be done well.

Final Word:

Alim Assignment 2021 11st, 12th Week Answer, We were able to give after a lot of trouble. Note that we cannot say how accurate the Alim Assignment Answer 2022 will be. Because most of the answers to that assignment are collected online. So students have to write these assignment answers at their own risk. We are not willing to take any responsibility if we forget. Some words have been written for that article and there may be some mistakes in the writing. For which we ask forgiveness from Allah along with you.


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