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BBS Exam Result 2023 | Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics Job Result

Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics Exam Result

BBS Result

BBS Exam Result 2023 | Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics Job Result. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, I am going to start today’s post in the name of Allah. Through this post, I will publish the results of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) recruitment test and various information on the subject. Without further ado, let’s focus on the real work at the bottom.

At a glance

BBS Exam Result 2023

On 3rd January, 2023, every Friday (Friday) the recruitment test for the job of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics has been held. The recruitment test for 401 vacant posts in 5 categories including Junior Statistics Assistant was taken for 1 hour. The test starts at 10 am and ends at 11 am. In the first stage, written test is taken in MCQ question method. Where 70 MCQ questions have a total of 70 marks in the test, that is, each question has a value of 1.

Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics Result 2023

The recruitment test for the 2020 BBS job circular was held in 2023. The test has been taken in different schools in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. It is to be noted that the circular of the said recruitment examination was published on Saturday, April 4, 2020. Where there were many positions in different categories, the examination schedule is set within a few months after the end of the online anesthesia.

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The results of BBS’s recruitment test have been released. Today, January 17, 2021, the Honorable Director General (Additional Secretary) of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. The result was published by Krishna Gain. The original copy of the results is published on the BBS official website ( It is to be noted that in the written examination held on 3rd January, a total of 2 lakh 7 thousand 21 candidates took part and 16 thousand candidates passed with 4% pass rate. Those who will be able to take part in the oral as well as the final episode of the next step.

Some info about BBS at a glance

Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) is a central government body for collecting and reviewing demographic, economic, and other incident statistics of Bangladesh. It conducts all types of survey activities of the Government of Bangladesh and provides information. Every year, various categories of posts are appointed in the department, and this time too he is no exception. The “Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics” was established in August 1974 with the abolition of the larger statistical organization. The Department of Statistics was transformed into the Department of Statistics and Information Management. The Bureau of Statistics is currently working under this department. The real work of the Bureau of Statistics is the agricultural census and the census.

Final words:

You are all aware that “BBS Exam Result 2023” has been published through this post. Keep an eye on our website to get the results of all the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) jobs. Sincere thanks to everyone for visiting our website.


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