Class 6 BGS Assignment Answer 10th Week Bangladesh & Global Studies

Class 6 Bangladesh & Global Studies Assignment Answer 2021

Class 6 BGS Assignment Answer

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, Class 6 BGS Assignment Answer For 10th Week. After a long break of 2 weeks, the assignment of class 6 has started again. Everyone is aware that while the ongoing assignment activities were going on for the 9th week, it was postponed for two weeks due to corona. Corona gave a 6 class assignment in the 10th week to reduce the pressure. Where Bangladesh and Global Studies of the 10th week gave the subject.

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Class 6 BGS Assignment 2021

Bangladesh and Global Studies, a must have subject for class 6, which everyone has. The book focuses on the whole world, including Bangladesh. In a word, the identity of Bangladesh and the outside world has been highlighted. Class 6 gave the assigned work of 10th week assignment on BGS. Which students have to complete within a week and submit to their own school. Earlier, for the first time in the 2nd week, BGS had given assignments on the subject.

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Class 6 Bangladesh & Global Studies Assignment Answer 10th Week

When you’re in this post, we know why, why you’re here. You are here, because you are now looking for the question of the work assigned to the 10th week assignment of Bangladesh and Global Studies in Class VIII. You also want to get the right answer. There is absolutely no reason for tension, because here you will find everything you want. Yes, we are going to give class 8, 10th week assignments on Bangladesh and Global Studies. And the answer to the task assigned to the assignment in that regard.

Class 6 Bangladesh o Bisso Porichoy Assignment Answer 2021

Bangladesh o Bisso Porichoy which is known as Bangladesh and Global Studies in English. Many students in our country are weak in English, so they cannot search by typing in English on a search engine platform like Google. As a result, they do not find satisfactory results. So for them, we have also given the BGS subject of 10th week of class 6, in the name of Bangla, so that there is no problem in finding it. If you search by answering the class 6 “Bangladesh o Bisso Porichoy” assignment, you will easily find our webpage. So that there is a complete answer of BGS assignment of class 6 of 10th week.

Final words:

The answer to the assignment has been collected from the book Bangladesh and Global Studies of Class 6 prepared by NCTB very well. However, it may be wrong, it is normal, so you should take responsibility for each answer of class 6 BGS assignment.


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