Write an essay on ‘Difference Between Online Class & in Campus Class’

HSC 2022 English Assignment Write an Composition 'Difference Between Online Class & in Campus Class'

Difference Between Online Class & in Campus Class

Write an essay on ‘Difference Between Online Class & in Campus Class’ for hsc 2022 English 3rd week Assignment. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, Assignment of the candidates participating in the 2022 HSC examination is going on. Where he gave assignment on 3rd week English subject. Writing an essay has given the assigned task of that assignment. Students will write an essay following some guidelines on ‘Differences between Online Classes and Campus Classes’. Let’s get started.

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Write an essay on ‘Difference Between Online Class & in Campus Class’

The Karona epidemic is going on all over the world. Although many things are normal after the lockdown, the Ministry of Education has not yet decided on the reopening of the educational institution. However, online classes are going on. Differences between online and campus classes are highlighted.

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The epidemic Corona’s horrible adverse conditions when almost housebound indomitable mankind. Then the importance of online classes for running educational activities is immense. Even if this situation improves, online learning activities will continue alongside normal classes due to digital facilities. So it is important to keep up the good content. Respected teachers, that excellence will continue to be achieved through your talent and efforts. The success of an online class depends on the qualifications and skills of the teacher as well as many other things.

What do online and in campus classes mean

Online Class Mean:

At present, due to the impact of the global epidemic, there is a stagnation in our daily life. In this case, its impact on our education system has been severe. In this situation, the government is emphasizing on online classes. I welcome online education. It is hoped that at least a few students will be able to learn from the online class rather than learn at all.

Campus Class Mean:

I personally never consider online learning as an alternative to on-campus study. I also don’t believe that everyone should study online if there is modern technology. If it were the case that the perfect alternative to on-campus study was to study online, then the world’s largest universities – Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT – would have closed their campuses and taught virtually all online.

The Emergence of on campus class during

Lots of time in the hands of students in the coronal lock down. What if there is time, students are not able to use this time properly! Various complications of online class, internet data, network speed and technological problems. All in all, the students have to stay in a daze. The students of the country are not yet able to take the virtual system seriously. Because, the whole country has not yet become an environment for the use of networks and virtual technology and we are not accustomed to using it. Even from the educational institutions, the students did not get the practical education in the field of technology. So very soon there will have to be emergencies during campus classes.

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Pros and cons of on campus and online classes

The Pros of online classes:

Students are facing many problems to take classes online. Many teachers are suffering from camera-fear due to lack of adequate training. They are not able to give beautiful, fluent, understandable and interesting lectures. As a result, students are becoming indifferent to online classes. Students are not able to understand all their reading properly by taking classes online, and if they do not understand, they are not getting a chance to understand by asking questions to the teachers again. So there is a shortage of education in many subjects. What students are learning in the online class is not being evaluated properly through exams.


So the importance of studying is decreasing. Students are having problems with their eyes as they sit in front of the screen of different devices for a long time to take online classes. Again some people are feeling headaches. Many students have been suffering from neck and back pain due to sitting in a chair for a long time. Which can lead to major damage if it continues for a long time. Younger children are getting acquainted with social media due to online classes, which do not suit their age. Even though we don’t know anything good ahead of time, today we are giving them the opportunity to run Facebook and YouTube, which will cause damage to their mental health.

Campus class cons:

First of all, I applaud the campus education system. There is no word, Kana Mama is better than Mama. How many students are able to stay connected with their studies rather than learning at all? That is what we have to take as a good aspect now. Many teachers are now taking classes using various technologies through training. Which is being understood by the students and the communication of the teachers with the students is being maintained. Online classes are diversifying the monotonous lives of students under house arrest. Students have contact with books, which is very necessary in their lives. Students wake up just in time to take campus classes and spend the day in discipline. Which is having a positive impact on their physical and mental health.

Share your experience during the Covid – 19 pandemic

Starting online classes at Corona is a very good decision. This will move our course forward. There is no possibility of session jam. While this may not seem normal now, it does help us a lot. Online classes are keeping us in touch with reading and advancing our course. There are also some difficulties with online classes. Our network is not very good. The lack of net in the village is a big problem to take classes. There is trouble in the test case.


The students have not set foot on campus for almost a year and a half. Staying in the university dorm, having to take classes online. Such a bizarre experience seems rare for any student. We all know there are many differences between online classes and campus classes. But in such a situation, we have to deal with all the problems and move forward with our educational activities.


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