Write an essay “People’s awareness to fight Covid in Bangladesh” 300 Words

SSC 2022 4th Week English Assignment Essay “Fight Covid-19 in Bangladesh“

Write an essay “People’s awareness to fight Covid in Bangladesh”

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Write an essay “People’s awareness to fight Covid in Bangladesh”

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, Assignment activities of SSC candidates for 2022 are going on as the school is closed during Corona. Where 4th week SSC has given assignment in English subject. Write an essay in 300 words with the following hint on “People’s awareness to fight Covid in Bangladesh” as assigned.

How do people behave in public places and in public transport?

The deadly corona virus is spreading all over the world including Bangladesh. But people in Bangladesh are behaving badly in public places and on public transport. Note that people are not following the rules from the public place. In the same way, people are also abiding by the public transport system, which is the health system during the coronation period.

Do people maintain social distancing during the lock down due to Covid-19

Because of Kovid-19, people all over the world including Bangladesh should maintain social distance. But sad but true, the people of Bangladesh are quite the opposite. As a result of the outbreak of Covid-19, the government is announcing a lock down to control it, they are not maintaining social distance at all!

How do people behave while moving from one place to another during festivals?

In my opinion, the panic caused by the corona virus is just right to go out of the house without much need. But in the meantime the festival is being organized. In this way, when people go from one place to another to attend the festival, they do not accept the social distance, they do not wear masks.

Why do they do that?

Why do they do it? In answer to this question, I would say that most of the people in our country live in villages. The literacy rate among them is very low and they have old-fashioned misconceptions. That is why they are behaving so badly in the midst of the ongoing Kovid-19.

What could be the impact of such behavior?

The effects of the behavior mentioned above can be devastating. In this way, the condition of Covid in the country may get out of control. Food crisis can occur, the whole medical system can be broken.

What could you do as a responsible citizen of the country to prevent such behavior?

As a responsible citizen of the country, I would instruct the government to enforce stricter laws to prevent such behavior. At the same time, I will take responsibility and raise awareness among all in different ways. For example, if I leave the house, I will give the source to wear a mask, I will ask you to maintain 3 feet social distance.

📣 সকল শ্রেণীর ও সপ্তাহের অ্যাসাইনমেন্টের উত্তর, দ্রুত পেতে আমাদের গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন [📎 এখানে ক্লিক করে 🎯]

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