HSC 2022 8th Week Assignment Answer PDF Inter 1st Year Class 11 8th

HSC 2022 8th Week Assignment Answer PDF Download Inter 1st Year

HSC 8th Week Assignment

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, HSC 2022 8th Week Assignment Answer PDF Inter 1st Year Class 11 8th Week. Week-long assignment activities are going on for HSC level students of 2022. Where the assignment has already been completed by the 8th week, which was published on 30th August, 2021. At the end of the 7th week, the 8th week assignment was provided for the participants of the 2022 HSC examination. In this post I will give the assignment question of the 8th week of HSC 2022 and its answer.

8th Week HSC 2022 Assignment Question & Answer PDF Download

8th week assignment has been published for the participants of HSC 2022 examination. This was informed through a new notice on the official website of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education at It is mentioned there that in the context of sending 8th week assignments including assessment rubrics made on the basis of rearranged syllabus for 2022 HSC candidates. In other words, the assignment was made for the candidates of 8th week HSC 2022. Below are the question papers or assignments for the 8th week in the form of PDF files and pictures. From which it can be easily downloaded, the HSC 8th week assignment question 2022.

Inter 1st Year Class 11 2022 8th Week Assignment

The work of the assignment of the 8th week of Inter 1st year i.e. class 11 has been published. Where the assignment activities of Inter 1st year 2022 have been formulated on a total of 7 subjects. Topics that include 3 group based topics and 2 essential topics. Let’s take a look at the issues of the assignment of the 8th week of Inter 1st year 2022. First of all, Bengali and home management and family life are the essential subjects. From a group point of view, the science group includes biology, the humanities group includes sociology, social work and geography. There is also an issue from the trade group whose name; Finance Banking and Insurance. Thus, the assigned work of class 11 assignment of 2022 students has been given on a total of 7 subjects.

HSC 2022 8th Week Bangla Assignment Answer

Bangla is a must for HSC level students, which we already know in the above section. The subject has a total of 2 parts or papers, viz .; Bangla 1st letter and Bangla 2nd paper. Assignment work has already been done on the subject three times. With the assignment of 7th week, he gave assignment work on Bangla subject for the 4th time. Bangla has given 8th week HSC 2022 assignment from 1st paper.

HSC 2022 Biology 8th Week Assignment Answer

Biology, which also has two papers, namely Biology 1st paper and 2nd paper. The subject is a group based group of science groups. HSC has given assignment work in the 1st paper of the subject i.e. Biology 1st paper for the 8th week. Who has given the assigned tasks of the assignment from the 5th chapter.

HSC 2022 Sociology 8th Week Assignment Answer

From the 4th chapter ‘Overall Responsibility of Society’, the assignment work of HSC Sociology subject of 2022 has been given. Which gave for the 8th week assignment. Which has to be solved or answered by the students of 2022 HSC Humanities Group. This means that the subject is for the students of the humanities as well as the arts group. The assignment of the said HSC sociology subject of the eighth week has been answered.

8th Week HSC 2022 Geography Assignment Answer

Geography and environment is known only as geography to HSC level students. Which is one of the most regular topics in the human group, which can also be called group based essentials. Because the subject of geography is available to students of all arts groups studying in HSC. The subject of geography is much more difficult than other subjects. Geography assignment work for HSC 2022 students of 8th week has been given from 5th chapter.

8th Week HSC 2022 Social Work Assignment Answer

HSC 2022 8th week assignment in another subject of humanities, which is called social work. 8th week HSC assignment question has been done from 1st paper on the subject. There is a solution with the question, in the following steps of that part.

HSC Finance, Banking And Bima 8th Week Assignment Answer 2022

The only subject of the commercial group is the 8th week of HSC 2022 assignment. The subject is Finance Banking and Insurance, the 8th week assignment has been done from the 5th chapter of the subject. The correct answer has been given.

সকল শ্রেণীর ও সপ্তাহের অ্যাসাইনমেন্টের উত্তর, দ্রুত পেতে আমাদের গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন [এখানে ক্লিক করে 🎯]

Final words:

HSC 2022 8th Week Assignment has been provided. Which our assignment solution teams have done extremely efficiently. We hope that the solution will be helpful for the students participating in the 2022 HSC exams. Finally thank you all for being with us, Allah Hafez.


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