HSC Geography Assignment Answer 2022 11th Week [Inter 2nd Year Vugol]

HSC Geography Assignment Answer 2022 for 11th Week [Inter 2nd Year Vugol]

HSC Geography Assignment Answer

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, HSC Geography Assignment Answer 2022 11th Week For Vugol. has given assignments in the 11th week from the Directorate Of Secondary & Higher Education for the 2022 HSC candidates. Where the 11th week has given the subject of geography i.e. geography and environment. Students have to assign both 1st and 2nd papers of the subject.

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HSC Geography Assignment 2022

Geography and environment is a compulsory subject for HSC level arts and humanities group students. The subject has 2 papers namely Geography and Environment 1st Paper and Geography and Environment 2nd Paper. We hope all the students are aware that HSC 2022 assignment will be taken on all subjects. It’s not just about HSC 2021, so don’t get me wrong. Therefore, for HSC 2022 assignment, work has been given on 2 papers of Geography and Environment. Looking at the week, which students have to do as an assignment for the 11th week.

HSC Geography Assignment Answer 2022 for 11th Week

Geography and Environment has given 11th week assignment on 2nd paper. Where from the first chapter of the subject, the questions have been asked. We will do the assignment answers with beautiful analysis. Now let’s look at the work of the assignment on the subject of geography and environment. Education In addition to the National Education Policy 2010 formulated by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, work has been undertaken to change, expand and develop the curriculum of secondary level geography in 2011. Because there has been a lot of expansion of knowledge and science in the world and many changes have taken place in the knowledge base of geography. Geography is now not limited to the country, capital, hills, mountains, rivers, sea import-export, industry and minerals. Its scope is now much wider than before.


HSC Geography Assignment Answer 2022 11th Week

11th Week HSC Geography Assignment Answer

Yaman- man and his environment, economic activities, change of environment by man or due to environment. Geographical issues such as changes in human lifestyles, natural disasters, etc. Due to this, there is a need to change, expand and develop the curriculum of geography subject for acquiring knowledge. That is why the name of the subject has been changed to Geography and Environment. In order to teach the subject properly at the secondary level, a separate subject called Geography and Environmental Education has been introduced in the teacher training program.



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HSC Geography 1st Paper Assignment Answer 2022

Geography and Environment: Education Teaching Geography and Environment Education. Techniques related to how to teach geography content. Each has its own type of teaching that helps to understand the subject. Geography and environment are different from other issues. As a practical subject, observation methods, demonstration methods, project methods, educational travel methods are very effective in geography and environmental education. Educational travel is very effective in keeping students active and increasing their observation ability. The HSC Geography 1st Paper Assignment Answer 2022 is highlighted in the following section. If there is any mistake, look at it with forgiveness. It is to be noted that HSC Geography gave 11th week assignment from the second chapter of the 1st paper subject.

Inter 2nd Year Class 12 Vugol Assignment Answer 2022

As we already know in the above section, Inter 2nd Year Geography 8th Week Assignment Answer. But the discussion on geography and environment is not over yet. We have already learned about the different types of elements in the environment. Each of these elements has its own special characteristics. Ingredients include population, human resources, ecology, people and environment, organic and inorganic elements of the environment, conventional and unconventional energy sources, toxicology, air pollution, water pollution, pearl pollution, radioactive pollution, noise pollution, arsenic pollution, Discussions on public health, biodiversity, environment, etc.

Final words:

The HSC 2022 assignment on Geography and Environment has been divided into two parts. But the current secondary level geography and environment curriculum was formulated by NCTB in 2012. In the curriculum, geography and environment have been combined to form a single subject. The scope of geography and environment is discussed separately only for the convenience of discussion.


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