HSC Higher Math Assignment Answer 2022 9th Week [Inter 2nd Year Math]

HSC 2022 Higher Math Assignment Answer 9th Week [Ucchotor Gonit]

HSC Higher Math Assignment Answer 2022

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, HSC Higher Math Assignment Answer 2022 For Inter 2nd Year Class 12. Dear students who are going to take part in the HSC 2022 examination, We hope all is well. Today we will answer you, HSC Higher Mathematics 1st and 2nd paper with assignment questions. Where assignment answers for 100% correct higher math subjects can be found without any doubt.

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HSC Higher Math Assignment 2022 [Inter 2nd Year Class 12 Math]

Higher Math has given assignments for 1st and 2nd paper, which is for 9th week. The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has published the 9th week assignment of HSC Higher Math subject on the DSHE official website. Where the assignments of the two papers on the subject have been given together. That higher math subject is extremely difficult for HSC level students. This is a practical subject for the students of HSC Science group. There are 100 marks in that subject, of which 65 marks are in the written part, and the remaining 25 marks are in the practical part. However, the assignment for the 9th week HSC Higher Math subject has a total of 15 marks. In a word, assignment number 15 of one subject per week.

📣 সকল শ্রেণীর ও সপ্তাহের অ্যাসাইনমেন্টের উত্তর, দ্রুত পেতে আমাদের গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন [📎 এখানে ক্লিক করে 🎯]

HSC Higher Math 1st Paper Assignment Answer 2022

Assignment has been given for HSC Higher Math 1st Paper subject of 2022. Earlier also, the HSC had given the assignment of Higher Math 1st Paper subject in the 1st week. This time again he gave the 1st paper assignment of higher math for the 5th week assignment work. Where the 5th chapter of the 1st paper of higher math subject has been given as an assignment work. Students have to answer 5th week assignments from that chapter.

HSC Higher Math 2nd Paper Assignment Answer 2022 for 9th Week

The subject of HSC Higher Math from 1st paper to 2nd paper is very difficult. The 1st paper has a total of 15 chapters and the 2nd paper has 21 chapters. Also each chapter of HSC Higher Math 2nd paper subject is much bigger than 1st paper. All in all, it can be said to be difficult. Higher Math 2nd Paper has given 9th week assignment from 7th chapter of the subject. So after the opening of the 7th chapter of the text book to do the assignment of the 2nd paper of HSC 2022 Higher Math.

Final words:

Although it is a difficult subject, We have given HSC Higher Math Assignment Answer 2022. Assuming that almost all the answers are correct, if any question is answered incorrectly, let us know. Also, if you know the correct answer, let us know by commenting.


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