HSC Sociology Assignment Answer 2022 For 11th Week Somaj Biggan

HSC Sociology Assignment Answer 2022 11th Week Somaj Biggan

HSC Sociology Assignment Answer

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, HSC Sociology Assignment Answer 2022 For 11th Week. has given an assignment in Sociology for those who will take the HSC exam in 2021 from Arts Group. The HSC sociology assignment assignment work question PDF and those who are looking for it in the form of pictures arrive at the appropriate place. Because here the answer will be seen along with the question of HSC Sociology Assignment.

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HSC Sociology Assignment 2022

The beginnings of sociology date back to the mid-nineteenth century. Sociology has not developed as a separate science. The identity of sociology as a separate branch of knowledge like other social sciences, is very short in our society. Humans are social creatures. People without society are not. Human behavior, education and initiation are all included in the society. Society and people are interrelated. And sociology basically wants to know society uninterruptedly. As a result, an overall idea about society can be gained through sociology.

HSC Sociology Assignment Answer 2022 For 11th Week

The term sociology was first coined in 1839 by the French sociologist August Cout. August Kaut first named the subject Social Physics to give it a scientific status. However, he later referred to this subject as Sociology. This is how sociology started. In fact, sociology is a special science that relies on observation and observation. In addition, sociology collects and analyzes information about human organization. Sociology as a dynamic social science is interested in continuing its reading and research on various aspects of society. So Maciver Page and Page in their Society Name text say & Sociology is a social science that determines the social relationship between people and people.

11th Week HSC Sociology Assignment Answer 2022

HSC 2022 has given assignment in Sociology subject. Where the assignment of 11th week has been given from the first letter of the subject. First chapter The question of the assignment has been asked since the origin and development of sociology. From which the students have to answer the sociology assignment of HSC 2022 2nd week. The topics that need to be answered in the light of this are the interpretation of the concept of sociology, the explanation of nature and scope, the description of the origin and background and the development of the sociology.


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The Origins of Sociology:

Basically, the development of the social sciences comes from the efforts of human scientific observation and analysis. In the early stages human life was completely dependent on nature. Human thought begins to develop in the favorable and unfavorable environment of nature. Thoughts about the world and life have been around since ancient times. In the beginning, all kinds of thoughts, consciousness and philosophy were included in the scriptures. But in the course of the evolution of human thought, new horizons of knowledge and science began to be opened beyond the boundaries of philosophy. Thus astronomy, physics, chemistry, psychology, geography and history etc. emerged and developed as branches of diverse human knowledge. So we have to look back to the distant past again and again to find the history of the practice of knowledge and its source.

Discussions about society and the state abound in the writings of ancient Greek and Roman scholars. Among the Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle are worth mentioning in this context. Originally, Plato, Aristotle, and Pythagoras considered the natural sciences and the social sciences to be philosophical. They review the social sciences as part of philosophy. In this context we can first mention the name of Plato. We will now continuously discuss the doctrines of various philosophers and sociologists about the origin and development of sociology.

Doctrines of Various Sociologist:


Although the theories about society that Plato introduced in his book Republic are largely based on logic, in many cases they are untrue. For, in his text, he has formulated a plan for an ideal state, where peace and justice may be established. Originally, Plato’s Republic was a review of social stratification and various social problems and questions. Plato’s ideal state is also called ancient communism.


Aristotle, Plato’s favorite student, introduced a realistic approach to the analysis of social problems. His doctrines have taken many sociological and sociology-psychological forms in his search for the formation of the state, the slave-master relations of class-based society, and the causes of social revolution. Although Aristotle was more objective than Plato, he was primarily engaged in establishing an ideal social system through reasoning. Note that none of them spoke of the abolition of slavery in ancient Greek society. Rather, according to them, slavery was essential for the existence of that society.

Final words:

So in the end we can say that everyone got HSC Sociology Assignment Answer 2022. The writings and thoughts of the above thinkers have played an important role in the emergence of sociology. Many still think that sociology did not go beyond its infancy. But it is safe to say that sociology may not have been able to provide a clear, reliable theory like the natural sciences, but sociology is not entirely worthless. If sociology could not impart any scientific knowledge about society, then this subject would not have spread so much in such a short period of time. In fact, sociology was not created to be completely zero. The origin of sociology is due to the contribution of some political, philosophical, historical, biological and reformist ideas.


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