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JGTDSL Exam Result 2022 | Jalalabad Gas Transmission & Distribution

Jalalabad Gas Transmission & Distribution Job Result


JGTDSL Exam Result 2022 – Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, all the candidates who took part in the recruitment test for JGTDSL job are aware. The JGTDSL recruitment test was held on March 27, 2021. I hope the results will be released in a few days. So we are going to tell you today’s post about the results of Jalalabad Gas Transmission and Distribution System Limited test.

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JGTDSL Exam Result 2022

Recruitment test for 108 posts like 8 categories was conducted in 1 hour. In other words, the 60-minute recruitment test is taken in written form on the MCQ question paper. Where the mark was 80, that is, 80 questions of 80 marks, (Bangla 20, English 20, Mathematics 20 and General Knowledge 20). The test was held at 3:30 pm and was completed at 4:30 pm.

Jalalabad Gas Exam Result

BJRI Exam Result

Jalalabad Gas Transmission & Distribution Written Result

Jalalabad Gas Transmission and Distribution System Limited’s (JGTDSL) recruitment test circular was issued in early 2020. Whose recruitment test was taken ahead of 2021. About 78,456 candidates took part in the recruitment test. Who are fighting for only 106 vacant positions. To put it more clearly, there are 106 vacancies for that number of candidates in JGTDSL.

Jalalabad Gas Result Job Result

The results of the examination of the recruitment test part of JGTDSL have been released. Notice regarding publication of results has been given on JGTDSL official website Where mentioned is the roll number of the candidates who have passed the examination, and the examination schedule of the next step (Viva voce examination).

JGTDSL Exam Result 2022

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We work very hard to give all kinds of results including JGTDSL Exam Result 2022. But the trouble does not exist when the help of everyone including the candidates who took part in the test. We hope you will continue to support us all the time, as we do now, so that we can be inspired.


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