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NSI Exam Question Solution 2021 | National Security Job MCQ Q. Ans

National Security Intelligence Job MCQ Exam Question Full Answer

NSI Question Solution

NSI Exam Question Solution 2021 has been published. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, National Security Intelligence’s first step examination has been held. All the candidates who took part in that test are now looking for the correct answer along with his question paper. Because at the end of the test, it is important to calculate how many marks you will get. So let’s start with the solution work including the NSI job recruitment test questions.

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NSI Exam Question Solution 2021

The National Security Intelligence, also known as the NSI, is the main and independent international intelligence agency of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Where vacancies in different categories are recruited on an annual basis as required. Job Circular is given in the first step of recruitment. The examination schedule is then announced at the time specified at the end of the online application. And based on that formula, recruitment test is conducted in 3 steps. In the first stage, preliminary selection MCQ, written and oral and practical test according to the position are taken. Thus the recruitment process for the job of National Security Detective was completed. In the continuation of which NSI recruitment examination has been held in the first step. Our post is arranged with the solution of the test question.

NSI Question Solution 2021

The NSI recruitment test was held on Friday, July 16, 2021. The first stage preliminary selection MCQ test was held at 10 am. One of which lasted for 1 hour and ended at 11 pm. The test was taken on a total of 80 MCQ questions. Where number 80 had 80 questions. Since MCQ is a question method, the value of each question is taken as 1 number. And the answer to each wrong question can be cut to 1. This means that if you answer a question incorrectly, the number 1 will be deducted from the number obtained for the correct answer. So there is no room for caution when answering every question.

NSI Exam Question Paper 2021

At the end of the exam we are personally collecting the question papers of NSI job recruitment exam. You all know that cadet college admission test and NSI recruitment test question paper test has to be submitted at the end. In other words, the question papers of the two examinations are not allowed to be brought with the candidates who took part in the examination. Due to the lack of question papers, the examinees can not see the match, their answers are correct or not? So we collected the NSI exam question papers for them and gave them here.

Authority Name: National Security Intelligence (NSI)
Question Type: Multiple Choice Question
Exam Time: One Hour
Question: 80
In Total Marks: 100



Nsi mcq question solution

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NSI Job MCQ Question with Full Answer 2021

We said when we started the post, we will answer the NSI exam questions. Yes we kept our word, in this part of the post we have given complete answers to the NSI exam questions. The answers to each of these questions have been done very well. So that there is no room for error. Because every candidate wants to take the test, the exact answer or solution to that question. National Security Detective Recruitment Exam questions are always very difficult. BUET itself prepares the test questions of that organization. The value of the question in question is extremely complex. That is why those who go to solve it, including the examinees, have to wear in the midst of many dangers.

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I can say with great hope that you have got NSI Exam Question Solution 2021 from here. Because we have already done it very carefully.NSI Office assistant cum computer typist, AD, Junior field officer, watcher constable, the solution to the question of different terms including the same. So you can combine the question paper of this article with the exam questions of your own post.


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