SSC Assignment 2021 Science Group Answer 1st Week SSC Exam 2021

SSC 2021 Assignment Answer Science Group [SSC Exam 2021]

SSC Assignment 2021 Science Group Answer

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, SSC Assignment 2021 Science Group Answer for the 1st Week SSC Exam 2021. Epidemic Corona virus is disrupting class activities as all schools are closed due to which it is difficult to complete the syllabus at the right time and take the SSC exam of 2021. Therefore, the syllabus of 2021 SSC examination has been shortened by NCTB. And in the light of this, the Department of Secondary and Higher Education has arranged the assignment activities for the SSC examination 2021. So that 2021 SSC exam can be taken by completing that syllabus in a short time. Today in this episode we will discuss the assignment of 1st week science group prepared for 2021 SSC exam. Where SSC 2021 Science Group assignment questions and answers will be given in all subjects.

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SSC Assignment 2021 Science Group SSC Exam 2021

Has given assignments to the participants of 2021 SSC examination. Today is the 18th of July, 2021
The new notice was published on the website of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education. Where first SSC Science Group examinees gave 1st week assignment. A total of 4 subject assignments have to be done for the candidates of the science group of the said SSC 2021. 3 science group essentials and one practical subject, a total of 4. The subjects of SSC Assignment are Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Advanced Mathematics. Note that those who do not have 4th subject higher mathematics, do not have to assign practical subjects. Because at SSC level, everyone in science group may not have 4th subject higher mathematics. The answer of 1st week of SSC Assignment 2021 Science Group is given in the following part.

SSC Physics Assignment 2021

If in SSC and equivalent exams the science group is asked to name the students in one of the most exciting and difficult subjects. Then of course they will say their answer is ‘Physics’ is the name of the subject. Because physics is a subject, each chapter of which is about exciting discoveries, about scientific innovation. Although the students enjoy reading it, they have to face many problems to answer the questions on the subject. 2021 Science Group has given assignments in Physics for the participants of SSC exam. Which gave for the 1st and 2nd week simultaneously. See the assignment questions and answers for the 1st and 2nd week of the said SSC Physics Assignment below.

SSC Physics Assignment Answer 2021

SSC Biology Assignment 2021

Biology is the second subject in the science group at SSC level which is after Physics in terms of difficulty. SSC has also given the assigned work of 1st and 2nd week assignment in Biology subject for 2021 examination. In the light of the concise syllabus, SSC has given assignments on the first and second chapters of the biology book. In this post we have given the correct answer including the question of the assignment.

SSC 2021 Biology Assignment Answer

SSC Chemistry Assignment 2021

Chemistry, whose father was Sir John Dalton. Students got their first taste of life from the chemistry science book of SSC Science Group. Which gave them ideas and knowledge about all aspects of chemistry. The SSC has prepared the assignment for the 2nd week of the year 2021 on the subject of Chemistry. Where SSC has given assignment for 2nd week of 2021 from 3rd and 4th chapter.

SSC Chemistry Assignment Answer 2021

SSC Higher Math Assignment 2021

In Higher Mathematics, SSC, the subject is a 4th subject for science students. Which is also known as practical subject to the students. The subject has given assignment activities for the students of science group in SSC examination of 2021. Which was given as the scheduled work of the 2nd week assignment.

SSC Higher Math Assignment Answer 2021

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SSC Assignment 2021 Science Group Answer We have highlighted through this article. Where SSC 2021 Science Group has been given skillfully in every subject, weekly assignment and answer. We hope this post will be very helpful for science students.


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