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SSC Biology MCQ Question Solution 2021 [Jib Biggan Answer] All Board

SSC Biology MCQ Question Answer 2021 [Jib Biggan] All Edu Board

SSC Biology MCQ Question Solution

SSC Biology MCQ Question Solution 2021 for All Education Board In Bangladesh. We starting today’s post by saluting the SSC students of 2021. Where we are going to share, SSC exam 2021 MCQ questions are solved. In this episode we will solve the MCQ question paper of Biology subject of Science group. For science group students, biology is a group based subject. At the end of the exam, all the examinees look for the solution of the question paper.

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SSC Biology MCQ Question Solution 2021

SSC Biology Examination was held on 22nd November, 2021. It started at 10 am and ended at 11:30 am due to the testing of the new rules. In other words, the whole test is taken for a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Where 1 hour in the creative part and 15 minutes in the MCQ part, the remaining 15 minutes was to submit the MCQ seat and fill in the written test book. Although there are usually two part exams, the examinees only look for the answers in the MCQ question paper.

Because MCQ questions are a bit difficult and if you do well in that part, the results are more likely to be good. Also in the written and creative part, the answer is different, so no one finds the answer or there is no benefit in finding it. But the answer to the MCQ part question is the same and identical so it is possible to match the answer. In such a situation we have prepared for them the answer to the MCQ question of SSC Biology subject. Where the correct answer has been given to the completed question.

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The SSC exam of 2021 is being conducted according to the short syllabus, so the mark of the exam is less than other years. This year’s SSC exam for Biology has been taken in a total of 8 chapters. From all those chapters of the subject, 25 MCQs and 6 creative questions have been given. However, the examinees had to answer 12 MCQs and 2 creative questions. To help them out a bit, we solved only the MCQ part of the SSC Biology. Note that all board based and all set questions have been solved.


In the following part, the questions of SSC Biology subject of all education boards of Bangladesh have been solved. Collected from text books by our experienced teachers. With a lot of effort we collected the questions of all the boards and solved them in time. Even then, if the answer to any question is wrong, then sorry. Please let us know in the comments with the wrong question number, and if you know the correct answer, share it too. Thank you.


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