SSC Finance & Banking Assignment Answer 2022 for 11th Week

SSC Finance Assignment Answer 2022 for 11th Week Answer

SSC Finance & Banking Assignment Answer

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, SSC Finance & Banking Assignment Answer 2022. Everyone is aware that we provide assignment questions and answers for every subject of SSC 2022, weekly assignments. In that episode we are going to give questions and answers about 2021 SSC Finance and Banking Assignment work. Published for 1st, 3rd and 11th week on 16th July and 14th February, 2022 respectively.

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SSC Finance & Banking Assignment 2022

The important role of Finance and Banking in Business Education Curriculum 2012 is mentioned. With the modernization of knowledge and science, considering the theoretical and practical aspects. The special role of ‘finance and banking’ can be noticed in modern trade and business administration. With globalization the nature of the pace of trade and economy is changing drastically. The concept of finance and banking is very important to survive in this competitive situation. Considering the growing necessity and importance, this subject has been included in the curriculum of ninth and tenth classes. This inclusion will lay the foundation for student finance and banking education.

Students will become interested in studying finance and banking in higher classes. As a result, students will be able to adopt self-motivated work plans and contribute to the real workplace. Students and future professionals in this field through this modern and up-to-date education. Able to spread the country’s reputation through efficiency in the financial and banking world at home and abroad and be able to have the signature of successful financial management in personal, family and social life. Finance and banking subjects have been included in the B.Ed curriculum for the benefit of teachers.

SSC Finance & Banking Assignment Answer 2022 for 11th Week

The deadly corona virus is spreading all over the world including Bangladesh. Due to which all educational institutions are closed, and at the same time class activities are also closed. So that day after day the students are sitting at home and spending their days unemployed, thus their student life is facing a great loss. Therefore, in the midst of the Corona epidemic, assignments are being taken for the participants of the 2021 SSC examination to continue the class activities and studies. So that the students can continue their studies at home. In that continuity, SSC 2021 has given 11th week assignments on finance and banking. The answer will be given by our assignment question solving teams. Where you will find the correct solution of all the weekly assignments of the said SSC Money and Banking 1st Paper and 2nd Paper.

সকল শ্রেণীর ও সপ্তাহের অ্যাসাইনমেন্টের উত্তর, দ্রুত পেতে আমাদের গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন [এখানে ক্লিক করে 🎯]

SSC Finance & Banking Assignment Answer 2022 for 11th Week

For those who are going to take the SSC exam in 2022, 1st and 11th week assignments have given work. The assignments for the 1st and 11th week have been fixed from SSC Finance and Banking subjects. That subject is for students of SSC level commercial group. Assignments for the 1st and 3rd week of Finance and Banking subjects are given from the first and second chapters of the subject respectively. The names of the two chapters, the names of the first chapter; Finance and business financing, and the name of the second chapter; Time value of money. Assignments for 1st and 3rd week of SSC Finance and Banking have been given in accordance with the syllabus from the above two chapters. See the answers below, after the 1st week there are 3rd week finance and banking assignment answers. from;

SSC Finance and Banking Assignment Answer 2022

Already in the 1st and 3rd week of SSC 2021, the first and second chapters of finance and banking subjects have been assigned. This time again SSC has given finance and banking subjects as 4th week assignment work. Where for the 4th week SSC 2021 has given the fourth chapter of finance and banking subject in the assignment. The title of that chapter; The importance of money and banking in creating ethical values ​​in business. 4th week SSC Money and Banking Assignment has been answered, which you will find below.

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Those of you who were looking for SSC Finance and Banking Assignment Answer 2022, came to the right place and got the answers very quickly. However, I would like to tell you that we cannot guarantee that the answers given by SSC Finance and Banking Assignment are 100% correct. Because we don’t answer these assignment questions ourselves, all of them are collected from the internet. So they will write the answer to the assignment at their own risk, we will not take any responsibility for it, thank you.


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