SSC Practical 2022 PDF Question & Answer Science, Humanities Group

SSC Practical 2022 PDF Question & Answer Science, Humanities/ Arts Group

SSC Practical

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, SSC Practical 2021 PDF Question & Answer Science, Humanities Group. Dear SSC student friends, how are you? We hope you are well by the grace of God Almighty. Today we will share with you, the practical questions of the participants of SSC exam of 2022 and its answers. We all know that your school has reopened after a long year and a half. Which stopped the epidemic of corona virus all over the world including Bangladesh. Due to which the classes of the students going to take part in the SSC examination of 2022 were closed and for the same reason the examination was not held at the right time.

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SSC Practical 2022

All schools have reopened, but not all classes will be open daily. At the school level only classes for participants in the 2022 SSC exams are being taken daily. Because in the next 2 months SSC students complete the short syllabus prepared by NCTB with the class. The SSC exam of 2022 will be taken next November. Classes of 2021 SSC batch are running in that continuity. Where 3 group based classes are being taken, because SSC exam will be taken on those 3 subjects. Among the subjects, the practicality of the subject will be submitted before the examination. That is why SSC has given practical work before taking written test. Which must be completed and submitted before the examination of the main subject.

SSC Practical 2022 Question & Answer

Participants in the 2021 SSC exam have published work on practical subjects. Where 3 group based group gave practical questions. The SSC practical questions have been provided by the Directorate Of Secondary & Higher Education. Which was published on the official website of DSHE on September 07, 2021. Below are the SSC practical questions and their answers in 2022.

SSC Practical 2022 Science Group

There are total 3 subjects in SSC level science group, SSC examination of 2022 will be on those 3 subjects. SSC Science Group has 3 subjects namely; Chemistry, biology and physics are the three subjects that are practical. The practical questions and answers of SSC Exam 2022 of those subjects were given in phases.

SSC Practical 2022 Chemistry Answer

chemistry has given practical questions for the 2022 SSC Science Group students on the subject. Where the syllabus has been shortened a bit without practical questions from each chapter. Respectively; SSC 2022 from 3rd, 6th and 12th chapters has given practical work on the subject of chemistry.

SSC Practical 2021 Chemistry Answer

SSC 2021 Chemistry Practical




SSC Biology Practical 2022 Answer

The most interesting thing for SSC practitioners is biology. The subject has a total of 21 chapters, of which 10 chapters are allocated for practical. Where microscopic instruments are used to perform a variety of practical tasks, including plant cell observation. We have done all these SSC Biology practical questions and answers.

SSC Biology Practical 2021 Answer





SSC Physics Practical Answer 2022

He also gave practical work on the subject of Physics for the participants of the 2022 SSC examination. Practical questions have been asked from big chapters like speed of light, speed, mass, simple pendulum, ball. The SSC candidates of 2022 are looking for the correct answer including the practical question. See practical questions and answers on the subject of physics here.

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SSC Practical 2022 Higher Math Answer

Higher Mathematics which is the 4th subject for SSC level science students. In other words, students of science branch can take higher mathematics as their 4th or practical subject if they want. There are a total of 30 practical numbers allocated for this subject. The practical question of SSC 2022 on that subject has been answered.

SSC ICT Practical 2022 Answer

ICT subject of SSC exam 2022 is a must. So naturally, students of all groups have to create a practical book on ICT. The question papers of which have already been published, the answers are coming.

SSC 2022 Agriculture Practical Answer

Agriculture education which can be taken as a practical subject by all students of SSC level (as per their wish). There are a total of 30 marks for that subject which is the same as higher mathematics for practical. A total of 10 pictures have to be drawn and its details have to be given to the application of agricultural education.

SSC 2022 Geography/ Vugol Practical Answer

Geography is the only practical subject in the humanities and arts group. This is a practical question on only one subject. Practical questions on the subject of geography are asked with the standard images of mountains, hills, different countries. The answers are given in the text book on SSC Geography.

Final words:

SSC Practical 2022 PDF is given step by step in a very nice way in the upper part. From which you can easily do the practical work of your SSC exam 2021. Thank you all for visiting our website, Allah Hafez.


I hope you are enjoying this article. Thanks for visiting this website & stay connected with us.

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